Music has been part of my life for as long as I remember. My earliest memories are of music being constantly heard in the house, be it symphonic music from the old record player which I still use today or the likes of ABBA, Queen or Michael Jackson from the cassette player.  This was the music my parents loved and I loved it instantly as well. It wasn’t mine though, it was legacy, DNA. Choosing my one music, the one that spoke to me the most was very fortuitous. It was my 12th birthday and I was having a small gathering at home with a couple of friends. One of them brought me a recorded tape with a poorly printed cover; it was Jean Michel Jarre’s “Waiting for Cousteau”. I didn’t get to listen to it right away because my friend instantly asked me to lend it to him but that’s another story. When I did get to listen to it I was fascinated with the ambient and dreamy sound, with how it affected me and how right it felt.

Then another classmate gave me a couple of tapes of Tangerine Dream. I was even more intrigued by the sound and I asked for more. I enjoyed the metallic and melodic darkness of the music and I was becoming addicted. The 80s were just over but the music had fortunately remained behind. Within a few months I had every tape I could find with Jarre albums. With the one who was going to become my favorite musician the story was different. I met Mike Oldfield by hearing “Moonlight shadow” on the radio. It was a nice and catchy tune and it stuck with me. I heard more of the same, somehow in the beginning I was only exposed to his vocal tracks, until one late autumn evening when I was coming back from school and as I passed by the cassette booth at the marked I heard a melody that changed my life. I knew the guy who was selling there and as he saw me there in awe, standing like a stone, he smiled, took the CD from under the counter, took it out of the player and gave it to me in a green plastic bag. He didn’t even ask for money he just said that it was going to change my life. What I was listening to was the excerpt from “Incantations” found on the “Essential XXV” compilation.

The rest, as they say, is history. I started listening to everything Mike Oldfield and I never looked back. I went deep into film music then, I became a critic but no matter how many out of this earth scores Hans Zimmer wrote he still remained my number 2 behind Mike. My addiction to film music didn’t mean I forgot the roots and my favorite albums, I kept listening to them quite often but I never wrote about them until now. Last year there were a few retro wave scores (“Kung fury”, “Turbo kid”) and parts of other scores that reminded me a lot of the electronic beginnings, of the 70s and 80s music. There was also a minimalistic trend in 2015 that made me listen to a lot of Brian Eno again. Then Jean Michel Jarre released the first volume of his “Electronica” album and I was happy to hear the magic was still there. He announced that for the second volume, due in 2016, he was going to collaborate, among others, with Hans Zimmer and something clicked inside me. This bridge showed me the path and I felt the desire to rediscover my favorite artists, influences for so many of today’s musicians and composers, from their early days until right now.

This site will be dedicated to writing about music of such musical gods as Mike Oldfield, Jean Michel Jarre, Brian Eno at first. I will be writing about their albums, chronologically so there can be an order in my thoughts. But not only about them ; I will explore the roots of electronic and ambient music while in the meantime putting on paper so to speak feelings I’ve been growing for 25 years about the music of, mainly, Oldfield and Jarre; so if you want to take this journey with me and if their music means something to you, check back here from time to time. In time you will find my thoughts on everything they wrote. They won’t be objective thoughts, sometimes they might seem more like stories than reviews but it will all be about their wonderful music.

Besides, 2016 might bring, alongside Jarre’s “Electronica volume 2” also a new album by Mike Oldfield which will be a return to his early sound, “The next Ommadawn” as he calls it, so the time is right.





  1. Buona fortuna! 🙂

    And may you have the most amazing journey!

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