Jean Michel Jarre

Album review: Jean Michel Jarre (5) – Rendes vous (1986)

“Rendez-vous” is one of my most listened to Jean Michel Jarre albums. It’s up there in my top three and it’s always a pleasure to come back to it. It happens to be his most successful album to date and it was the catalyst for the first of Jarre’s Guiness Book worthy concerts, with 1.3 […]

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Album review: Jean Michel Jarre – Electronica 2 – The heart of noise (2016)

“Electronica 2: The Heart of Noise” is the second volume from Jean Michel Jarre’s most ambitious project to date, a collaboration with 30 electronic musicians from other decades and styles. I loved the first volume but this one was my most anticipated because two of my musical heroes got to work together: Jarre and Hans […]

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Album review: Jean Michel Jarre (3) – Magnetic fields (1981)

“Magnetic fields” is actually a phonetic English translation of the title of Jean Michel Jarre’s 1981 album “Le chants magnetiques” (or “Magnetic songs” as the tight translation would be). But since when you say it out loud “chants” sounds a lot like “champs” (fields) this title was adopted. This was the first Jean Michel Jarre […]

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Album review: Jean Michel Jarre (1) – Oxygene (1976)

“Oxygene” is the album that introduced Jean Michel Jarre to the world. 40 years ago he came out of nowhere with a new and unique sound. His inspiration for this album came from a painting given to him by future wife Charlotte Rampling, a painting which shows the Earth peeling to reveal a skull. You […]

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