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Album review: Mike Oldfield (16) – The voyager (1996)

Celtic music is my favorite world music genre. There is no doubt about it and it’s been so for more than 25 years. I would put it right up there with the 80s synth sound as my favorite musical places. The nostalgia and inner peace I get when listening to Celtic music in unmatched. There’s […]

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Album review: Return to Ommadawn (Mike Oldfield – 2017)

Time travel is one of the most fascinating concepts for me and one of my greatest desires; while the way to physically do it hasn’t been discovered yet, mentally and emotionally I have found my time machine and it works flawlessly: music. I’ve been using it all my life and I’ve been placing bookmarks in […]

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Album review: Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells II (1992)

“Tubular Bells II” was the first album Mike Oldfield wrote after finally getting away from Virgin. Two years after creating a sequel to Ommadawn in “Amarok” it was time to finally go back to his original album and explore it 20 years later. The exploration started with what is to me one of the most […]

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Album review: Mike Oldfield – Heaven’s open (1991)

“Heaven’s open”, Mike Oldfield’s 14 composition released in 1991 is a special album from a few points of view: it was, finally, the last album for a Virgin company from which Mike was by that time very happy to leave as he expresses with a laughing “Fuck off” at the end of the album; it’s […]

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